Envirolet® Features

Our removable power module, the Works-in-a-Drawer™ Box or WID (only available with Envirolet® Systems) conveniently lifts out of the top deck of any unit. This removable compartment provides for easy servicing and eliminates contact with the waste material. If required, any of the high quality, durable, snap-on electrical components can be easily replaced.
Operates by pulling a built-in Aerator Bar handle back and forth occasionally. Special 4-in-1 stainless steel blades mulch, mix, aerate and level waste, which assists the composting process.
Envirolet has flexible drains
Flexible Connections
All Waterless Remote and Low Water Remote Systems include flexible drain and vent duct pipe and accessories. This heavy duty flex pipe allows for easy installation, connection and disconnection. Flex Ducts also prevent breakage of pipe connections, or System damage that may occur due to freezing temperatures or ground shifting.
Our self-contained Systems include an attractive white vent kit, complete with all necessary accessories for quick and easy installation. Self-Contained Electric models include our Special Ventilator. Our other Systems include a Wind Turbine. These attach to the top of the Vent to help drafting and aeration (for Remote Systems, see Flex Ducts).
Wind Turbine
Our powerful Wind Turbine increases drafting and provides continuous System aeration. This device assists composting and System performance, especially for Non-Electric models and other Envirolet® Systems, when either operated or left unattended in an un-powered model.
Use the energy of the Sun!
Solar Power
Your 12v System can be operated with our optional Solar Power Kit or many days from the battery(s) alone. These 12v models can also be used or left in a non-electric mode, using the 4" Wind Turbine to assist performance and energy conservation. Alternative power sources such as a generator may also be used

Batteries are not included
Easy-turn Fasteners
Located on the bottom panel, enable you to easily remove and replace the Collecting Tray holding the natural compost. They also offer additional sealed protection.
Filter Drain
Optional on Waterless Electric Systems and included with all of our other Systems, is a 2-Stage Pre-Sediment Filter Drain, which provides for better environmental discharge of excess liquid (if any) leaving the system and also prevents drain blockage. Attached is a non-compressible 5-foot nylon drain line (extra lengths available upon request).

Envirolet® Removable Works-in-a-Drawer™ Box
Envirolet® Removable Works-in-a-Drawer™ Box

The advantages of the Envirolet® Removable Works-in-a-Drawer™ Box are explained and shown with animation.

Envirolet® Parts & Accessories
Envirolet® Parts & Accessories

Starter Kits, Microbe Accelerator, Fans, Couplings, Vent Pipe, Drain Pipe, Filter Kits, and more...

Bowl Trap in Action!
Bowl Trap in Action!

Animation of the Envirolet® unique bowl trap design!


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