Envirolet Low Water Remote System "BLACK"
50% OFF!

This is an Envirolet® LWRS Composting Toilet System in a very unique and stylish black colour. It is new, but is a "showroom model" that has been our showroom (on a display) for a little while and has been to a few trade shows. The composting tank will be brand new and you can choose the power: Non-Electric, 12VDC or 120VAC. It could have a few light scratches or marks. Comes "as is" at this special price.

We are selling it to clear the showroom for 2017 for 50% off the regular system price. There is only 1 in this colour. It includes all regular accessories to install and start the system. Will ship ASAP (but could go after the holidays, depending on purchase date).

SOLD OUT! Envirolet Low Water Remote System "BLACK" - SHOWROOM MODEL
1. Choose System/Power: 
2. Choose Low Water Toilet Style & Colour: 
3. Add extra 4 inch Flexible Vent?: 
4. Add extra 3 inch Flexible Drain?: 
5. Add Turbo Fan?: 
6. What's your Application? (optional): 

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