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Low Water Toilet

Sealand® 510+ ceramic Low Water Toilet flushes with as little as one pint of water! Water can be added via a connection to a pressurized water supply (20-40 PSI), a gravity feed, or it can be manually added.

• New styling features deeper bowl and increased seat height for enhanced comfort.
• Powerful cleanign action with improved rim wash.
• Less residual water in bowl keeps sloshing to a minimum.
• Water-efficient -- uses about one pint of water per flush
• Includes household size seat and lid with enlarged opening.

Available standard in white. Also available in bone, teal, ebony and platinum. Add an extra 10-14 days to shipping time for colors or handspray option. See options below. This is the Low Water toilet that is included standard with Envirolet® Low Water Remote Systems.

20 1/2" L x 15 1/4" W x 18 3/4" H (17 1/8" H to toilet seat)
Shipping Weight: 44 lbs.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

SeaLand 510+ Low Water Toilet
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