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Envirolet® is a composting or biological toilet system that evaporates water and breaks down waste by natural bacterial action. This patented toilet system accelerates the decomposition process and converts waste material into a natural soil residue. Envirolet™ is easy to install. The many features offered with Envirolet™ make the toilet system easy to operate.

Proper installation and operation is necessary to ensure that your Envirolet® toilet system will function properly.

Your Envirolet® will arrive completely assembled and ready for installation. Envirolet® offers simple, easy to understand, do-it-yourself instructions. All materials are included for standard installations (some additional, low cost, rigid ABS vent pipe is required for Remote Systems). Your vent kit simply installs above the roof and a 4" Wind Turbine or a Special Ventilator attaches to the top.

Please call toll-free (9am - 4pm EST, Monday - Friday) if you have any questions about installing your Envirolet® System to ensure proper installation:

  • Canada Toll-Free: 1-800-387-5245
  • Toronto: 416-299-4818

  • Vents should be installed either vertically (i.e., straight-up) through the roof (highly recommended for Non-Electric Systems to improve aeration and drafting), or horizontally through a wall, or below a floor and then upwards with vent angles not exceeding 45 degrees each. Insulation around exposed vents is recommended if cold weather is a factor. All Remote Systems come with flexible drain and vent duct pipes that easily connect or disconnect.

    REMOTE SYSTEMS install either on the ground outside, or in the basement, and some Systems come with a special Filter Drain. Waterless 110v Electric models do not include a Filter Drain as standard equipment, but this is available as an option if extra capacity is required.

    Click here for a full size view of the Envirolet® Waterless
    Self-Contained 3" Vent Kit Installation (similar to #6 below).

    1. Ventilator ("V" Rain Cap)
    2. Insulated 3" Pipe Outside
    3. Envirolet® Multi-System 10 (110v Model) - NO Drain
    4. Roof Kit
    5. Insulated Pipe In Attic
    6. 3" White Pipe
    7. Envirolet® DC 12 (12v Model) or Envirolet® Basic Plus (Non-Electric) with Turbo Fan to compensate for 45 degree bend in Vent
    8. Filter Drain To Small Container
    9. Maximum 45 Degree Angle (A vertical vent is recommended for Non-Electric Systems.)
    10. 4" Flex Vent Duct
    11. Wind Turbine
    12. Waterless Toilet
    13. Envirolet® Waterless Remote Systems install directly below floor in basement or on ground.
    14. 8" Flex Duct Drain
    15. 2 Feet Above The Roofline
    16. Low Water Toilet
    17. Install Up To 3 Low Water Toilets Per Composting System
    18. 3" Flex Drain Duct
    19. 4" Rigid Pipe
    20. Envirolet Low Water Remote Systems install below floor or outside and offset away from toilet.
    21. Covered structure required for outside installation.
    22. Leaching Pit
    23. Leaching Pit

    Envirolet® Self-Contained & Remote Waterless Ssytems
    if fitted with a special Filter Drain should gravity connect to either a small plastic container, approved leaching pit or other acceptable drain site. All Self-Contained 12v Battery, 12v/110v Hybrid and Non-Electric Systems and Waterless Remote 12v Battery, 12v/110v Hybrid and Non-Electric Systems include a special 2-Stage Pre-Sediment Filter Drain. The 2-Stage Pre-Sediment Filter Drain is optional for 110v Waterless Systems.

    Envirolet® Low Water Remote Systems
    are installed with a special Filter Drain. Though most liquid is evaporated by the Automatic 6-Way Aeration™ System, periodically a minimal amount of excess liquid may drain from the System, and the drain must gravity connect to an approved leaching pit, septic tank or holding tank. Check local regulations regarding draining when installing your System.

    Envirolet® Use & Care
    Envirolet® Use & Care

    Operating your Envirolet® Composting Toilet is easy!

    Typical Blackwater Drain Pit (instructions)
    Typical Blackwater Drain Pit (instructions)

    General instructions on how to make a typical blackwater drain pit. Be sure to check your local guidelines.

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