Envirolet® MS10 (120VAC Electric)

The Envirolet® MS10 is our 120VAC Electric system. It is the most efficient waterless self-contained system available. If you have electricity, this is the recommended self-contained system.

Uses no chemicals, incinerating or septic and no drain!

The dual fans and heater provide maximum evaporation and the system requires no drain. The recommended self-contained system whenever electricity is available. Handles up to 8 people per day (for vacation type use).
Envirolet MS10 Composting Toilet System
Power 120VAC Electric

Vacation Use Capacity


Full-Time Use Capacity

Size (W x L x H) 64cm x 84cm x 64cm
Height to Seat 50cm
Weight 40kg
Vent 3"

Included with System:
1. Envirolet® Multi System 10 (120VAC Electric) Composting Toilet (shown above)
2. 3" Vent Kit (10' x 3" White Pipe, 2 x 3" Couplings, Silicone, Rubber Roof Flashing)
3. Starter Mix Kit
4. Daily Mix (sample bag)
5. Compost Accelerator (8oz)
6. Now Included! 4" Wind Turbine Ventilator

• Ideal for cottage, cabin, home or business
• Reduces and recycles waste into compost
• Clean, sanitary and odour-free
• Dual Fans
• Two position Fans and Heater control switch
• Unique Bowl-Trap design
• Installs quickly and easily
• Toll-free 1-800 real person Customer Support
• Empty as little as once a year (vacation use)
Now Longer Warranty! 5-Year Warranty on all internal components & Lifetime Warranty on system body with extended EnviroletCare™ program
• Available in many colour choices!
• Easy to remove Works-in-a-Drawer Service Module

• The capacity of 8 persons per day for vacation use and 6 persons per day for continuous use is based on 3 uses per person per day.
• For heavy or occasional over-use, the optional Pre-Sediment Drain Kit is highly recommended.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 weeks

Envirolet MS10 (120VAC Electric)
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