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18ft Vertical | 150 Horizontal

Note: This is not a composting toilet system.

Bathroom Anywhere Vertical and Horizontal The Bathroom Anywhere wastewater transfer system allows you to expand your living space by easily adding bathroom fixtures - a toilet, sink and/or shower - virtually anywhere without breaking concrete! Just consider the comfort and convenience of a complete extra bathroom… and the extra value it adds to your home! See for yourself!

How Bathroom Anywhere Works
Bathroom Anywhere goes beyond conventional plumbing methods. The key component is the Macerator Toilet System that ties into your home's existing plumbing lines. When the toilet is flushed, the powerful macerator disintegrates the waste and uses the wastewater transfer system to pump it away - up to an 18-foot vertical rise and 150-foot horizontal run!

Where Bathroom Anywhere is Used
Bathroom Anywhere is ideal for:

• No Need to Break ConcreteBasements - Add a bathroom, wet bar, washing machine and/or utility sink.
• Loft Conversions - Add a bathroom, sink and/or shower.
• Wet Bars - Now you can have one, too - wherever you want.
• En-Suite Bathrooms - For a mother-in-law suite or someone with special needs.
• Special Needs Facilities - For those who are physically challenged.
• Garage Conversions - Add sinks, washtubs and more.
• Areas with Slab Floors - Add a bathroom, washing machine, sink and/or shower.
• And More - Your previous limitations no longer exist.

• Dimensions: 18.5" w x 11.5"h x 7"d
• Gallons Per Minute: Max 60
• Horsepower: .80
• Amp draw: 8A @ 120V
• Color: White
• Weight: 22 lbs
• Warranty: 3 Years

Important Shipping Info
Due to the weight of this product the shipping rate can vary depending on location. The shipping rate & details will be provided after you order and confirmed before the order is processed. Or, contact us now for a shipping rate for this item.

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Bathroom Anywhere
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