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Remote Systems

Combine Function and Elegance

If your cottage is built above ground or your home has a basement, you may wish to consider a Waterless Remote System. The advantage of this System is that it offers a unique combination of both style and function. The Remote waste treatment center installs below the floor, directly under the Toilet, either in the basement or on the ground outside.

The results are impressive. Waterless Remote Systems come with an attractive, low profile bathroom waterless toilet that is optionally available in a multitude of beautiful colours, each with a solid oak seat, and comes standard in white.

This deluxe Toilet is manufactured from durable, easy-to-clean, high gloss polyethylene plastic and will provide many years of trouble-free service. NEW! Waterless Toilets feature a removable bowl for easy cleaning!

Another benefit is the increased capacity of the Remote waste reduction system, rated for up to ten persons per day and additional guests from time to time. Made from high impact, all weather polyethylene plastic, the Waterless Remote is our highest capacity System.

As with all Envirolet® Toilet Systems, cleaning is minimal, and in fact, less than most flush toilets. Powered units have a switch to control the fans and/or the heating system, and you can introduce the organic products either through the Toilet or through the service port on the Remote System.

Standard installation of the Remote treatment module requires a minimum clearance of 84cm, from the ground to the bottom of the floor. A 76cm space is sufficient if the bathroom Toilet is slightly raised. The Toilet can be installed on an upper floor some distance away from the treatment center, using our included Flex Duct for both drain and vent.

This system is ideal for cold weather use. Your Sancor&trade representative can provide installation assistance or any other information.

Envirolet® Waterless Remote Systems Specifications


Maximum Power
Vacation Use Capacity
Full-Time Use Capacity
Envirolet® WRS NE Non-Electric
Envirolet® WRS 12V 12VDC
Envirolet® WRS 120V 120VAC

Size All Remote Systems: 64 cm W x 84 cm L x 72 cm H
Size Waterless Toilet: 42 cm W x 57 cm L x 52 cm H (seat 38 cm H)

* Based on three uses per person per day. All Systems will handle occasional additional use. Non-Electric and 12v Battery Systems are fitted with special Filter Drain that must gravity feed to a proper drain site.

Envirolet® Waterless Remote (Non-Electric)
Envirolet® Waterless Remote (12VDC)
Envirolet® Waterless Remote (120VAC Electric)
Envirolet® Waterless Remote (Non-Electric)

Envirolet® Waterless Remote (12VDC)

Envirolet® Waterless Remote (120VAC Electric)

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System Dimensions


System Dimensions

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